Hey, I’m Amanda!

Manager of Brand Content at Vitauthority

I’m a mom, wife, and just recently started training for long distance triathlons.

I work full time, parent full time and train upwards of 14 hrs per week.

My time is precious and having a supplement routine that’s compact but packs a punch is so important to me.

If you’re like me, you probably use a LOT of supplements to give your body the support it needs for training.

  • Recovery
  • Energy
  • Joint Support

  • Metabolism Support
  • Sleep & Stress Support
  • Lean Muscle Support

There’s an easier way to get what you need without breaking the bank or filling every shelf in your supplement cabinet. 

I’ve been using Multi Collagen Burn for over a year now and WOW has it made such a difference in my athletic performance, recovery, sleep, and energy.

I’m not the only one. See what these other athletes have to say about Multi Collagen Burn:

Geek Out on the Science

  • Skin, Hair & Nail Support

Muscle support and recovery requires a diet high in antioxidants and the key amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. The combination of these amino acids found in our Multi Collagen complex along with SOD B Dimpless®, Vitamin C, Olive Leaf Extract, and Fucoxanthin offer a powerful foundation for muscle support and recovery. SOD B is a super antioxidant derived from cantaloupe melon juice that can provide superior protection against oxidative stress on the body. Vitauthority is the ONLY collagen on the market with this patented ingredient.

Joint Support

Our Multi Collagen Burn is packed with five types of collagen (I, II, III, V, and X) that provide a wide range of benefits for the body, including support for your joints, bones, and tendons. Collagen types II, V, & X are rich in amino acids that play an important role in the building of joint cartilage and may provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Combined with Vitamin C for superior absorption and Hyaluronic Acid which may increase the density of the synovial fluid of your joints, Multi Collagen Burn offers optimal support for heavy training and stronger performance.

Energy & Focus

The amino acid glycine found in collagen assists in converting glucose into energy and also has been shown to calm the nervous system and improve sleep patterns. With the addition of metabolism boosting ingredients in Multi Collagen Burn such as Fucoxanthin and Grains of Paradise, these combined can provide a steady, natural boost to energy levels.

Need an extra kick? Try our Multi Collagen Burn ENERGY which contains an added Energy and Focus Blend of Choline Bitartrate and Caffeine Anhydrous (from Arabica Coffee Bean). This provides smooth, jitter-free energy and a cognitive boost to help you focus.

Skin, Hair & Nail Support

Beauty might not be the top priority for many athletes, but there’s no denying the amazing benefits of Multi Collagen Burn for your hair, skin, and nails. The daily rigors of training put your body through the ringer: extreme temperatures, exposure, salt, chlorine, sweat, high stress, dehydration … the list goes on. Multi Collagen Burn can support the health, vibrance, and strength of your body not just on the inside, but also on the outside with its powerful combination of ingredients.

As we age, we need more collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, making up 30% of its components. It is a key element of structural protein that makes up the collagen fibers of the skin, tendons, bones, cartilage, and all other connective tissues. Our bodies produce their own collagen naturally, but as we age it begins to break down faster than we can replace it. 

After 30, our natural collagen production begins to decline rapidly which can lead to various effects on our bodies:

  • Sore, stiff, cracking joints
  • Longer recovery time post-exercise
  • Decreased lean muscle mass
  • Physical fatigue and lower energy
  • Thinning hair and aging skin

A decline in our body's natural collagen production is what causes the effect of aging.

Multi Collagen Burn Provides 5 Types of Collagen & So Much MORE

Hyaluronic Acid

Helps improve skin hydration, elasticity, and texture. May also provide support for joints.*

Vitamin C

Vitamin C enhances collagen absorption in the body and acts as an antioxidant to protect from oxidative stress. Research suggests that vitamin C may help protect the skin from many issues including sunburn, dryness, hyperpigmentation, and effects from exposure.*


Studies in both animals and humans have demonstrated that supplementing with fucoxanthin increases metabolism and provides easier weight management. It is also a potent antioxidant.*


Studies in both animals and humans have demonstrated that supplementing with fucoxanthin increases metabolism and provides easier weight management. It is also a potent antioxidant.*

Olive Leaf Extract

The oleuropein in olive leaf extract has powerful antioxidant activity and may help reduce inflammation and support immune function.*

SOD B Dimpless®

An ingredient exclusive to Vitauthority on the collagen market, SOD B Dimpless® is a highly studied super antioxidant sourced from a specific variety of melons found only in France. SOD B offers a wide range of health benefits beyond its ability to reduce visible cellulite. For athletes, SOD B plays a key role in muscle recovery and immune function.

We actually care about our formula

The collagen BURN has been a daily staple to my fitness routine for over 2 years now and I have loved the results!

My skin feels and looks more toned, especially in my thighs and midsection. I love adding the flavored powders to my smoothies and Yogurts but I also enjoy the ease of the capsules when traveling!

I’m so thankful to have found this quality product and enjoy how my body has improved from taking it daily!


As a mom, business owner, and athlete, I maintain a nutrition and supplement plan that keeps me energized, focused, and hitting my goals daily. Vitauthority’s Multi Collagen Burn is a regular part of that plan. Whether Burn is mixed into my coffee each morning or used in a protein shake, it keeps my joints strong, my energy high, and my metabolism fired up!


As a 42-year-old mom of four, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor, my body has been through the wringer. Four pregnancies, three C-sections, and the inevitable toll of aging left me grappling with chronic pain, particularly in my lower back and arthritic hip. These ailments not only hindered my ability to perform certain exercises but also dampened my energy and focus, making it a challenge to keep up with my demanding schedule.

Enter Vitauthority Collagen Burn—a game-changer in my wellness journey.
From the moment I incorporated Collagen Burn into my daily routine, I felt a significant shift. Improved muscle support and recovery meant I could push through workouts with renewed vigor, bouncing back quicker than ever before. Whether I was leading a high-intensity class or squeezing in a quick session between mom duties, I could feel my muscles responding more efficiently, allowing me to maximize each movement for optimal results.

But it wasn't just about muscles. Collagen Burn's unique formula also provided invaluable joint and tendon support, addressing the nagging pains that had once held me back. With each scoop, I felt a soothing warmth spread through my body, easing the discomfort in my hip and back, and granting me the freedom to move with newfound ease and flexibility. No longer did I have to tiptoe around certain exercises—I could embrace them fully, knowing that my joints were fortified and protected.

And let's talk about energy and mental focus. As any busy mom can attest, juggling the demands of motherhood, training clients, and leading fitness classes requires a Herculean level of energy and mental clarity. Collagen Burn delivered on both fronts, providing me with a sustained energy boost that carried me through even the most grueling days. Gone were the mid-afternoon slumps and brain fog—instead, I felt sharp, focused, and ready to tackle whatever challenges came my way.

In short, Vitauthority Collagen Burn has been nothing short of a revelation for me. It's not just a supplement—it's a lifeline, empowering me to thrive in every aspect of my life. If you're ready to supercharge your workouts, alleviate joint pain, and reclaim your energy and focus, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Collagen Burn a try. Your body—and your busy schedule—will thank you.


As a 54-year-old personal trainer who's weathered the strains of military service and countless workouts, I've battled through my fair share of joint pain. Knees that creaked with every step and shoulders that protested each lift became a constant reminder of my aging body's limitations.

But then I discovered Vitauthority Multi Collagen Protein+.

Since incorporating this incredible supplement into my routine, I've experienced a transformation that's nothing short of remarkable. Gone are the days of wincing with each movement. Instead, I find myself bounding through workouts with the agility and vigor of someone half my age.

The secret lies in the power of collagen. Vitauthority's formula combines multiple types of collagen, targeting every angle of joint health with precision. With each scoop, I feel my joints rejuvenate, the pain dissipating like a distant memory. Whether I'm squatting heavy or pushing through a challenging circuit, I do so with confidence, knowing that my joints are fortified and protected.

Thanks to Vitauthority Multi Collagen Protein+, I've reclaimed the freedom to move without reservation. I'm not just pain-free—I feel 25 again. And as a personal trainer, there's no greater gift than being able to lead by example, showing my clients that age is no barrier to strength and vitality. If you're ready to bid farewell to joint pain and rediscover the joy of movement, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Vitauthority Multi Collagen Protein+ a try. Your body will thank you.

Ready to simplify your supplement game and amplify your performance? 
We actually care about our formula
  • ✓ Dissolve easily
  • ✓ Gluten-free
  • ✓ Zero carbs
  • ✓ Zero sugar
  • ✓ No artificial flavors
  • ✓ No artificial dyes
  • ✓ Dairy-free
  • ✓ Non-GMO
  • ✓ Amino acids
  • ✓ 5 Types of collagen
  • ✓ Our collagen is from natural sources, including grass-fed beef, farm-raised chicken, wild-caught Fish, & Eggshell membranes.
  • ✓ cGMP Quality