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“I love Vitauthority because their products are so clean. You can tell they use quality ingredients! I always talk about how easily they dissolve when you’re drinking them! Other supplements leave a residue or you have to constantly shake or stir them. With my Vitauthority products I can add them to my smoothies or just drink them alone and only have to mix them once. I especially love their collagen! My skin and hair look healthy. They have several variations which makes it easy to get my daily dose! I can add the unflavored to my smoothies or sip on the margarita flavor. Regardless of what my fitness goals are each month they have a product to help meet my need. It’s easy being an ambassador for products that you love!”

"I am not only a proud ambassador for Vitauthority but I have been a customer for a while now. I started taking Collagen+ protein and now take multiple products like the probiotics, multivitamin, turmeric and their detox products. And I can tell you this stuff works!! I have been noticing huge difference in my nails, hair and skin. You know it's always great to receive compliments on how good your skin looks. And I constantly receive those. Not to mention how good I feel overall. I am one happy customer. Being an ambassador is just a bonus!"

“As a busy mom, wife, and business owner, I am always on the lookout for healthy products that I can work into my daily meals and routine without any fuss. Vitauthority's products are easy to use, tasty, and deliver the results they promise. My nails have never looked healthier, and I get tons of compliments on my hair and skin. I know I have Vitauthority's collagen to thank for that! I love the detox products for all those times I indulge in a little extra treat or beverage, and their new D3 gummies are perfect for getting extra Vitamin D in when I can't get out in the sunshine. Regular use of Vitauthority's products keeps me working toward my goals and feeling my best.”

“I started using Vitauthority in December of 2020. I heard about the benefits of collagen but never took the leap of faith. I had chronic knee pain, didn't feel comfortable in my skin and had no energy. I'm a mom...I think that's all I need to say about that! I decided to try several brands of collagen and found that my favorite was BY FAR Vitauthority. The flavors were great, there was no clump when I stirred in my drink, and I was actually seeing results, QUICK! My knee pain subsided after a few weeks of taking the collagen and I was sold! Later I noticed my skin felt smoother and my cellulite was clearing up! I moved on to different Vitauthority products and keep falling in love with each one. I am so happy to have found Vitauthority and honored to have been chosen as an ambassador for such an amazing company! If you haven't started Vitauthoritys products, please do, you will not be disappointed!