Superfood Greens

We’ve carefully selected potent superfoods to provide a nutrient-dense dose of greens at the correct amounts necessary for health and wellness benefits. This provides a strong source of dietary fiber, digestive support, blood sugar support, as well as stimulant-free energy! Getting your greens every day can be a hassle, and Vita Greens can help fill the gap.

Daily Multivitamin

No need to add yet another capsule to your daily regimen. Vita Greens has your daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals in one scoop and makes it a tasty treat you’ll look forward to taking every single day.

Gut Health Pre & Probiotics

We didn’t stop at greens and vitamins - we also added in a potent dose of prebiotics (from artichoke inulin fiber) and probiotics in the form of clinically studied DE111® for optimal absorption that helps produce enzymes and short chain fatty acids essential to healthy digestion and regularity. Paired with an additional digestive enzyme, amylase, that not only helps to break down plant-based foods, but supports a happy, healthy, and optimally functioning GI tract.