My Body Deserves the Best: How Vitauthority Helps Me Train for an Ironman Triathlon

Written by: Amanda Young



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Hello my beautiful, gorgeous, perfect, inspiring and amazing VitaFam!

I’m Amanda, the Manager of Brand Content within the Marketing Team at Vitauthority and I have the honor of dreaming up and facilitating the visual content you’ve seen from our brand. Whether it’s influencer partnerships, cheeky ads, whacky Fiber Fix commercials or Shop HQ segments, I have my hands in it! I started my role within the Vitauthority ecosystem two years ago (wow) and it’s been so transformative for my confidence as a woman and my own health.

Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with finding that healthy balance of creating a sustainable routine that was centered in “feeling good” instead of “looking good”... I chased image standards that were unrealistic and did more damage to my body than I’m happy to admit. I was looking for that “magic pill” instead of finding a love for all the strong things my body has gotten me through.

Meet Amanda Young, the Brand Content Manager of Vitauthority

After having my daughter in 2022, I found this newfound strength in being a woman. All the things my body did for me and my baby throughout my pregnancy helped me love all versions; the stretchy, the jiggly and the changed.

My postpartum journey - like so many others - has been a constant battle of self love and acceptance; there was me before and now me after. I’ve learned that I am so strong and my body deserves to be treated the best it can be.

In the Spring of 2023, I made a commitment to myself: set the best example I could for my daughter of what a woman who truly loves herself (at every stage in life) looks like.

I arm myself with the supplements my body needs to stay active (my favorites are Burn, Bone Broth and Revive), I joined the triathlon community to keep setting physical goals that scare me and I tell myself each day that my body is worthy of love and adoration. Our bodies are strong and can do incredible things - and triathlons help me stay in touch with that sentiment. If I can deal with excruciating pain during my menstrual cycle thanks to PCOS, the taxes of childbirth and the weight of being a woman in 2024… then a 70.3 mile Ironman is nothing. 

By showing up each day for myself, I’m able to approach life as the best version of me - which trickles down into my ability to be the best partner, mother, friend and coworker. I spend hours each day training for my Ironman 70.3 Triathlon because it makes me feel empowered, accomplished and proud to be a tenacious woman.

To be honest, before becoming a Vitauthority employee I really didn’t have a supplement routine. That quickly changed when I was able to try all of the high quality products we offer and find what fit my needs. Those needs have changed over the years while being pregnant, navigating the postpartum highs/lows and now training for endurance sports, but I’ve found a Vitauthority product that’s hit every desire.

Amanda Young pictured with her husband who had just completed a race, holding her daughter who grabs at the medal around his neck

Vitauthority provided support in more ways than I ever expected.

When looking at supplements to add into my training, I’m looking for something that delivers what it says it will and in the most convenient way possible. I work full time, parent full time and train upwards of 14 hrs per week - my time is precious and having a supplement routine that’s compact but packs a punch is so attractive. 

Multi Collagen Burn has been my religious go-to for a year and a half now and WOW do I love it. 

Within the first 30 days I noticed joint and muscle relief in addition to hair, skin and nail benefits . Over the past year of triathlon training, I’ve really noticed a massive increase in the way my muscles recover when adding Multi Collagen Burn into my routine vs when I accidentally skip a day. I feel so much more rested, recovered and energized which is something I need with my packed schedule. I also have noticed that my skin, while constantly sweaty during long training days, is so clear - a huge perk that I'm so thankful for!

I’ve been shouting Multi Collagen Burn’s benefits from the rooftops since incorporating it into my routine and am so glad it’s finding its way into the community of athletes that I love. My husband, both parents on each side of the family and siblings all take it and love the benefits that serve them!

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Vitauthority is proud to announce their corporate sponsorship of the upcoming Sommer Sports AdventHealth Girlz on Fire Sprint Triathlon & 5K

My love of triathlons has poured into work at the beginning of this year...

...our CEO challenged me to find a new demographic of women that should experience the quality supplements we all love and I instantly thought of the powerful woman triathlete community. I found a women-only race in Central FL - The Girlz on Fire Triathlon and 5K by Sommer Sports - that welcomed Vitauthority as a corporate sponsor to share our mission and support this incredible community of powerful women! We will be helping monetarily, sampling products for all participants and hosting fun events at the finish line with GNC in addition to sponsoring four athletes to race on Team Vita! 

The Ladies of Team Vitauthority

Laura Young from "Team Vitauthority" for the upcoming Girlz on Fire Sprint Triathlon & 5k
Meghan Ross from "Team Vitauthority" for the upcoming Girlz on Fire Sprint Triathlon & 5k

Laura Young (65-69 Age Group)

Meghan Ross (35-39 Age Group)

Amanda Young from "Team Vitauthority" for the upcoming Girlz on Fire Sprint Triathlon & 5k
Haley Neuwirth from "Team Vitauthority" for the upcoming Girlz on Fire Sprint Triathlon & 5k

Amanda Young (30-34 Age Group)

Haley Neuwirth (25-29 Age Group)

Stay tuned this Mother’s Day for more of that project as these athletes have been using Multi Collagen Burn during their training and have fallen IN LOVE with its benefits just like so many of us have!

As I approach my two year mark at Vitauthority, I am endlessly thankful for the opportunities of growth I’ve been given and created for myself within this dynamic company. We truly are a group of individuals that believe in creating the best supplements on the market, because that’s what WE want and use in our own lives. We’re parents, athletes, dog moms, hobby golfers, jokesters and foodies who all want our friends and families to live their healthiest lives… and I’m so glad to be part of that revolution.

Working here has taught me the power of community; experiencing the encouragement and outpouring of love from each woman who shares their life changing health journey with us has inspired me to lean on others for accountability, strength and support. My favorite part of each day at work is popping into our FB community to read the stories of strength and resilience from women who are choosing themselves and their health every step of the way.

Amanda poses with the Vitauthority birthday cake in a social media photo shoot "behind the scenes" grab

If you’re interested in finding that community I spoke of, I encourage you to join our FB community and see for yourself why so many are truly obsessed with finding health within themselves… who knows - it might even inspire you to begin training for an Ironman like me!