Welcome to our guide for a healthier lifestyle! Here we'll share with you all the tips and tricks to leading a healthier life. Whether you're determined to lose stubborn pounds or just looking to eat healthier, these tips created by registered dietitian, Jessica Smith, will help you jump start your journey!

25 nutrition tips:

  1. Food scales:
    helpful for weighing proteins - make sure to weigh after meat is cooked.
  2. Start small:
    small changes to your nutrition will add up to big results
  3. Snacks:
    fit them into day where it works best for your lifestyle (mid-morning, mid afternoon or nighttime)
  4. Try to stop eating 2-3 hours before bedtime
  5. Fruits:
    berries have the least amount of sugar and higher in fiber. You can have 1 cup berries which is about the same calories as a half of a medium banana.
  6. Carbs:
    are not the enemy! No need to cut them all out, it all comes down to portion and smarter carbs that are full of fiber and nutrients
  7. Stay hydrated:
    Drink adequate fluids, typically at least 64 oz/day. Hydration can impact weight loss efforts.
  8. Fasting:
    Aim for at least a 12 hour fast (example: stop eating at 8PM and don’t eat breakfast until 8 AM)
  9. Make Mondays meatless:
    try soy-based patties, crumbles or tofu, etc.
  10. Skipping meals/snacks:
    try not to skip meals or snacks as this can lead to overeating at following meal
  11. Choose whole grains:
    brown rice, quinoa, farro, whole wheat breads
  12. Fiber:
    aim for 25-35 grams fiber per day
  13. Plate Size:
    Eat on a 9 inch plate or smaller
  14. Food labels:
    start paying attention to calories per serving, fiber content, protein content
  15. Forbidden foods:
    there are none! Try not to deprive yourself from certain foods you are craving. Instead be mindful of portion and allow yourself to enjoy it
  16. Plan your meals:
    take one day a week to look at your schedule ahead of time to plan meals/snacks. The more planned you are, the more successful you will be with reaching your health goals.
  17. Pre-package snacks:
    Try putting 100 kcal servings in nuts in a zip lock baggy and making several bags so you can grab and go when on the run!
  18. Alcohol:
    try to avoid alcohol during the weight loss process, it may hinder your results with unnecessary calories. Try a light beverage such as 1 oz of liquor and calorie free mixer like diet soda, club soda, sparkling water, crystal light, etc.
  19. Spice things up:
    don’t be afraid to use different spices, herbs, seasonings and lemon, limes for cooking. It will add additional flavor with little to no calories.
  20. Plate method:
    try to make ½ of you plate vegetables, ¼ lean protein and ¼ starch
  21. Avoid liquid calories:
    one of the easiest ways to cut back on kcals is to cut out juice, soda and other sugary caloric drinks. Opt for flavored water with fresh fruit, sparkling water or diet beverages.
  22. Protein:
    make sure meals and snacks contain enough protein. This will help increase satiety!
  23. Fats:
    opt for healthy fats such as olive oil, canola oil, avocado, nuts, seeds and fish
  24. How to store an avocado:
    if using only part of an avocado, place the remainder with pit into a plastic storage container filled with water. Store in refrigerator.
  25. Keep healthy foods visible:
    prepare fruits and vegetables ahead of time to make them easier to grab in the moment you are hungry.

16 holistic tips:

  1. Stay patient:
    Remember, weight loss takes time and consistency. If struggling for additional results try reaching out to a registered dietitian for professional guidance.
  2. Eat slow:
    try to slow down while eating, savor every bite. It takes 20-30 minutes to get your body to recognize you are full and satisfied.
  3. Sleep!
    This can’t be stressed enough. Sleep is tied to recovery, metabolism, energy levels and so much more. Crucial during the weight loss process.
  4. Are you actually hungry?
    When you want to grab for something, ask yourself if you are truly hungry or not. Are you eating out of emotion?
  5. Out of sight out of mind:
    If you have no control or will power, try to keep trigger foods out of sight. Work with a dietitian to help you incorporate these foods guilt free.
  6. Weight:
    try to only weigh yourself 1x/wk at the same time and in the same clothing. Our weight is always fluctuating, don’t self-sabotage yourself stepping on the scale every day.
  7. Healthy behaviors:
    focus on what you are changing to be healthier versus dwelling on the number on the scale.
  8. Be held accountable:
    consider working with a nutrition profession such as a dietitian who will educate, support and motivate you throughout your weight loss journey.
  9. Stress:
    Manage stress levels! When under a lot of stress, we release a hormone called cortisol. This can increase cravings and appetite making it much harder to lose weight.
  10. Get active:
    even daily walking can help expedite weight loss efforts
  11. Variety:
    Mix up what you are eating. Try new grains, fruits, vegetables and explore new recipes.
  12. Don’t fall for “healthy” labeling:
    reading labels can be confusing. Make sure to check ingredients and calories per servings
  13. Chew gum while cooking:
    this will prevent you from trying to eat what you are making during the cooking process
  14. Don’t give up during plateaus:
    This is a normal process during weight loss. Stay consistent and active, you will overcome this!
  15. Move during your lunch break:
    try to go for a walk during your breaks. Extra steps will help.
  16. Strength training:
    will take you weight loss efforts to another level. Muscle burns more calories! Even body weight exercises will help with building muscle and toning up.

Here's a 4 week diet plan.

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