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Finally! A Collagen Peptides Product That ACTUALLY Supports Your Weight Loss Goals & Contains Key Ingredients to Noticeably Reduce Cellulite!*^

As We Age, WE NEED More Collagen

A decline in our body's natural collagen production is what causes the effect of aging.

According to many dermatologists across the country, collagen makes up about 75% of the dry weight of our skin, providing volume that keeps skin looking plump and keeps lines at bay.

"As we get older, we break it down faster than we can replace it".

And after 30, our natural collagen production begins to decline rapidly, which causes signs of aging that we all dread:

  • Uneven, textured skin
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Sore, cracking joints
  • Loose wrinkly skin
And We Give You MORE Than Just Collagen
Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C

Our flagship additions, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C help maximize the results users see from our 5 type Multi Collagen blend since the ingredients work synergistically together to maintain a perfect regulation of the collagen/elastin balance.*

Weight Loss Enhancing Ingredients

The best just got better: every scoop of Multi Collagen Burn contains key weight loss ingredients like Grains of Paradise and Ashwagandha to help reduce appetite, support metabolism and expedite your weight loss goals.*^

PLUS Dimpless®
SOD B Dimpless®

Backed by a published randomized, placebo controlled clinical study, SOD B Dimpless® visually reduces cellulite on thighs after 28 days of oral supplementation. SOD B Dimpless® acts against the two main causes of cellulite development which are collagen fibers fibrosis and fat cells hypertrophy. SOD B Dimpless® is the only active ingredient that specifically targets cellulite and the only one with clinical evidence to reduce cellulite by oral route.*^ Read the full study here

Last Chance to Save!

Last Chance to Save!

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Six Powerful Benefits*


Reduce Cellulite*

Results reported that SOD B Dimpless® significantly reduces visible cellulite on thighs by -9.5% and -11.3% after 28 and 56 days of oral supplementation, compared to a placebo. 71% of women enrolled in this study have been satisfied by this reduction of the dimpling aspect of their skin. Combining SOD B Dimpless® with our Multi Collagen blend makes cellulite reduction actually noticeable with consistent use.*^

Easier Weight Loss

When we get older, our metabolism naturally slows down. With Grains of Paradise and Sensoril Ashwagandha®, Multi Collagen Burn has the tools you need to keep your metabolism humming and help you reach your goals. SOD B Dimpless® has also been shown to reduce fat cells.*^


Youthful, Vibrant Skin

Collagen supplementation helps increase skin flexibility and hydration, which helps to smooth wrinkles and increase tone and firmness of the skin.*


Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen and elastin provide the support structure for skin, helping to keep it smooth and resilient. The hydration benefits of hyaluronic acid can also help eliminate wrinkles and fine lines around the jaw and brow.*

benefit_3_Eliminate Free Radicals_1

Support Healthy Hair & Nails

Adding additional collagen has been shown to help grow stronger, longer, healthier hair and nails. Strengthened roots and faster nail growth are common with collagen supplementation.*


Strengthen Joints & Bones

Daily collagen supplementation is commonly used to help strengthen tendons, joints, and ligaments. Research has shown (especially with Type II Collagen) that collagen can support stiffness and help improve flexibility.*

The First Weight Loss Enhanced Collagen Powder

  • 5 Types of Collagen
  • Patented SOD B Dimpless®
  • Powerful Grains of Paradise
  • Patented Sensoril® Ashwagandha Extract
  • Caffeine-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Zero Carbs or Sugars
  • Zero Artificial Flavors
See Flavored Supplement Facts


Made of mostly type I and type III collagen, bovine collagen comes from cows -- specifically their skin, bones, and muscles.*


Chickens are an excellent source of type II collagen, which is the ideal choice for those looking to improve their joint health.*



Marine based collagen is an excellent source of types I and V collagen and is specifically known to have benefits for the skin and gut.*


Eggshells contain many types of collagen: Types I, II, III, IV, and X. Eggshell collagen has been shown to have tons of joint, skin and wound healing benefits as well.*

How Multi Collagen Burn Stacks Up:
Beware of the 4 Huge Drawbacks of Other Collagen Supplements

Like bone broth, most collagen supplements just provide you collagen from a single source, while Vitauthority's Multi Collagen complex was formulated to provide FIVE unique types of collagen to support the truly comprehensive, full-body benefits you desire.

Most collagen powder supplements have a nasty smell and taste, making it hard to blend with anything else and unenjoyable to consume. Plus, they don't mix well in both hot and cool liquids, meaning you have to try to swallow a clumpy mess.

Most collagen powder supplements ONLY contain collagen. Vitauthority constantly innovates to give our customers the best results possible. With every scoop of our collagen products, you can expect additional Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to maximize your results.

Many collagen manufacturers CLAIM their collagen can help with weight loss, but contain zero ingredients that actually help support weight loss directly. With Grains of Paradise & the exclusive SOD B Dimpless, Multi Collagen Burn is the only collagen with ingredients that ACTUALLY support weight loss AND cellulite reduction.


We ensure our products are manufactured following GMP guidelines


Each of our supplements are manufactured and shipped from right here in the USA using both domestic and imported ingredients.

Lab Verified

Every product is tested rigorously to ensure everything on the label is in there - nothing more, and nothing less.


All Vitauthority products are free from any GMOs, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, or Contaminants.

^ When taken with a healthy diet and exercise

love it or Send it Back Empty Guarantee

We’ll refund your money even if you send us back an empty container!

Order now with confidence! If for any reason you don’t think Multi Collagen Burn is for you, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. So if you don’t love it, you can get your money back.

Drop Body Fat and Reduce Cellulite for Just $2/Day*^
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For Best Mixing Results

Every scoop of Multi Collagen Burn is unflavored making it super easy to add into your daily routine!

"I used the collagen burn is an amazing product, love love the strawberry lemonade flavor, I drink it on my daily cycling rides, I been drinking it once a day but started twice a day a week ago, what I also love is that being also a burn does not have caffeine where it gives me the jitters, I don’t feel any of that and love it because I am super sensitive to all burners. Just got my second bottle for me and my sister. It has improved the appearance of my skin less cellulite. I sent a photo before and after on your private message, wanted to share through here but not able to post photos on the comments."

"I made a lifestyle change on January 17th, 2022. I began living a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and working out with a trainer. I lost 25 lbs from January 2022 to May 2022. Collagen Burn kept popping up on my Facebook; so, I started researching it. I saw so many positive reviews I thought what do I have to lose? I might as well give it a try. I am so happy that I took the risk of trying it. Collagen Burn helpped my skin look so much better and lose more inches than normal. So, I decided to try some of Vitauthority's other products (Stasis, Melt, Detox Nourish, and SBO Probiotics plus greens) The amount of weight that I started losing after adding these products almost doubled from when I was just eating healthy and working out. I lost approximately 60 lbs from May until today. I love Vitauthority and am so happy that I found these products. Now, I am dealing with lose skin on my tummy, thighs and arms from the weight loss. I just ordered Firm cream hoping that it will help. I will keep you all posted and let you know how it goes. Thanks, Vitauthority for providing high quality products that really work."

“I have used many collagen powders, protein powders, and bone broths. This has 5 types of Collagen, definitely enhances my metabolism, noticeably improves my skin, and really is helping break down cellulite. It dissolves easily and mixes well with cold or hot drinks, shakes, etc. I am happy to have a new favorite collagen source!”

“Life saver - I like that it dissolves quick and I had noticed the lil bit of cellulite I do have on the back of my legs has smoothed out. And has helped with my stomach regularity. Will be using for a while :) ”

“I have been taking the Collagen burn for 1 month! I mix it with my coffee and it has no after taste. It does change the flavor of coffee a tad, but taste great! It has curbed my appetite for sure, And I can already see improvements in my skin. I just decided to order a bundle of the collagen burn again, with 2 other products, the PM melt and the collagen (pink lemonade) you mix with water. I can’t wait to try these products! Highly recommend the collagen burn. I have recommended to several of co- teachers and they have ordered as well, and love it.”

"Love it!!! Started using the regular collagen in my coffee and then switched to the collagen burn and I loved them both! Absolutely no taste at all, dissolves quick and I can already see results. "

"Collagen Burn is AMAZING. I have been using Collagen Burn for just over a month and the results are really showing! I am more motivated to to get on the elliptical and get in a good workout and the cellulite seems to be disappearing! I tried everything before, nothing worked! Until I started using Collagen Burn! I’m so happy I’ve finally found something that actually works!"

"Loving the weight loss. I started this stuff and have completed 2 cans. I am down 15 lbs. I feel better my joint pain is gone and my hair and skin looks better than ever. Collagen burn along with improved eating habits has been a blessing"

"Highly recommend 🎉 If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would have never believed how amazing Multi Collagen Burn is! I am over 50, I have struggled for years, not only have I noticed the difference in my body but my husband has too! And! Finally my hair is growing back in 🎉"

We recommend taking one serving on an empty stomach if well tolerated (no GI distress). Taking with food is also okay :)
Joint pain relief usually comes within 2-3 weeks. The longer term skin, hair, cellulite and weight loss results are best seen after using Multi Collagen Burn consistently for 60 days.
SOD B Dimpless® is the only active ingredient scientifically demonstrated to act both against fibrosis of collagen fibers, and fat cells hypertrophy, which are the two main causes of cellulite appearance:

SOD B Dimpless® limits the pressure exerted by fat cells on the skin, and improves microcirculation. Studies have confirmed the capacity of SOD B Dimpless® to correct fat cells from further growing larger in size.

Highly guaranteed in SuperOxide Dismutase, well-known for its anti-fibrotic properties demonstrated in more than 100 publications, SOD B Dimpless® is the only active ingredient which targets specifically severe fibrotic cellulite on thighs, allowing to restore skin elasticity.

And Vitauthority holds a unique exclusivity with SOD B Dimpless® :)
No way! We've noticed a troubling trend with companies using shady "forced continuity" tactics to keep customers locked in to reordering a product. While we offer subscription purchases for those who want consistent discounts and to not be bothered with remembering to reorder, you can cancel at any time by emailing If you choose not to subscribe, please choose the default option when adding your product to your cart: one-time purchase.
The weight loss blends and dosages are the same. The only difference is that the pills have less collagen per serving than the powder (1g vs. 7.8g) due to space constraints within capsules.
This is a common question and it’s merely a hoax and marketing ploy created by companies who sell collagen protein that only has 2 types. To get a collagen protein with 5 types of collagen, you need to use multiple sources, and these multiple sources can get very expensive when it comes to manufacturing, which is why they stick to bovine peptides that contain just 2 types. For example, collagen peptides from eggshell are very hard to find and are very expensive to have in our product. We do it because they are an EXCELLENT source of type 2 collagen, which is incredible for joint health and is backed by many studies with humans. Other companies DON’T DO IT because it costs money. As for the question that it dilutes the formula, giving you less of the others, let’s use type 2 collagen again. Type 2 collagen in research has been shown to improve joint health with as little as 40mg of it per day. Bovine collagen containing types 1 & 3 collagen requires just 5g daily to be beneficial according to research. Our 7.8g blend has you covered.So moral of the story: we use 5 types because it works better and it’s scientifically more rounded. Even though it costs more, we believe in having a truly amazing product and we know we’ve done that given the feedback on our collagen. And for those types of review articles, just understand you gotta "pay to play." Also, it's strange how when you see that review the #1 brand's ads are in your feed afterwards... right?
Absolutely! Taking a serving of each daily will maximize your results.

Burn is different from normal Multi Collagen because it contains additional weight loss ingredients (Like Sensoril Ashwagandha for cortisol support, Chromium for blood sugar, Grains of Paradise for metabolism, and Olive Leaf for thyroid support) PLUS a super cool patented ingredient called SOD B DIMPLESS® which has been clinically shown to reduce and prevent cellulite build up.*

Both products contain the Multi Collagen blend + Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, Burn just contains the additional goodies mentioned above :)
Yes, you can take Melt with Burn.

The biggest differences are that Melt contains a light dose of caffeine (100mg) and Burn contains ZERO caffeine.

Burn contains collagen and is a powder, whereas Melt does not contain collagen and is a pill.
While some notice an increase in energy, Multi Collagen Burn doesn't contain stimulants to provide artificial energy. The cortisol supporting benefits of Ashwaganhda often provide more subtle, natural energy.
When we get older, our metabolism naturally slows down. With Grains of Paradise and Sensoril Ashwagandha®, Multi Collagen Burn has the tools you need to keep your metabolism humming and help you reach your goals. SOD B Dimpless® has also been shown to reduce fat cells.
We are now offering Sezzle & AfterPay, which breaks down your payment into 4 interest free installments.
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Based on 3915 reviews
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3915 Reviews
Reviewed by cary r.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
56 or Older
Rated 4 out of 5
Review posted

Good so far.

Have only been taking for 1 month. 1 scoop every morning mixed in my coffee! Good texture and dissolves fairly well.

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Reviewed by Ana S.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
26 - 40
Easy to Swallow?
Rated 5 out of 5
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I have been taking the Burn Capsules for 6 months, and I lost 12 pounds!!. I love them!

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Reviewed by Linda L.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
56 or Older
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Collagen Burn

What can I NOT say!?! I love it! Now my daughter does too! Ladies, just get it. It’s worth every penny. It WORKS! I first noticed my legs were slimming and then my waist. More energy too. I’ll never not have a back up container. I suggest the buy 2 get 1 free option (I always give my free 1 to my daughter) it won’t disappoint!

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Reviewed by Lisa H.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
41 - 55
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Easy to use in any drink

It’s been about 4 mos! I really like this product

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Reviewed by Daisy R.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
26 - 40
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Miracle Collagen

I love this unflavored collagen. I drink it in the mornings in my morning coffee when I am not drinking my detox tea and it is great. There is no nasty during or after taste like other collagens I've tried in the past. I have been drinking it now for about 3 months and no more bloating, skin is definitely smoother and I have definitely felt a difference in weight. I feel great and most definitely will continue to use it. Anyone debating on buying this product, I would tell you stop thinking about it and get it. You will not be disappointed with it!!!

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