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Essential Probiotics

Essential Probiotics

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Fiber Fix - Multi Fiber Gut Aid
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Supplement Facts


As a dietary supplement, take two capsules daily.


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Frequent Questions, Better Answers
No, you do not need to refrigerate Essential Probiotics as they are heat-resistant.
Essential Probiotics supports immunity by aiding in proper digestion. When food isn't digested efficiently, your body may not absorb essential nutrients crucial for supporting immunity. Therefore, by promoting proper digestion, Essential Probiotics contributes to stronger immune support.
Essential Probiotics contributes to improved skin health by regulating the gut microbiome. This balance is further supported by the action of postbiotics, which play a crucial role in nurturing a healthy skin ecosystem.

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More than JUST Probiotics

A healthy gut is not only essential for digestive well-being but also plays a key role in supporting various aspects of overall health and wellness. For optimal digestive health and support, it’s important to include foods in your daily diet that can help promote active and healthy digestion from start to finish. To make that easier, most people turn to probiotics - but probiotics alone won’t do the job and it’s difficult to find a probiotic supplement on the market that contains the necessary ingredients with the science-backed proof of their efficacy.

Essential Probiotics is our answer to that challenge. We’ve selected a high-quality and rigorously tested combination of prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics to address the various aspects of gut health, and promote a balanced and thriving environment for your gut microbiome. Then, we put them in a specially designed bottle that ensures shelf-life stability and lasting efficacy so you never have to worry about quality.

Benefits of Essential Probiotics


A probiotic that supports the growth of good bacteria in the gut, dE111® helps crowd out undesirable bacteria and promote proper digestion. Backed by countless studies and human clinical trials, this powerful probiotic helps produce enzymes and short chain fatty acids essential to healthy digestion and regularity.


An organic baobab fruit powder that contains soluble fiber and polyphenols which act as prebiotics. This superfood fiber helps feed your good bacteria to support a healthy and thriving gut microbiome. We’ve combined Fibriss® with Pomegranate Fruit Powder to pack an extra punch of polyphenols and prebiotics.


A clinically studied postbiotic that helps support digestive health by promoting a balanced flora, and supporting regularity and a healthy microbiome of the gut. Corebiome® has shown through clinical studies to nourish the entire gut and was found to be bioavailable within both the small intestine and colon.

What is a complete probiotic?

If you’re only supplementing with probiotics, you’re only getting a third of the support your gut needs. A complete probiotic supplement will contain three things: prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics. This combination can help optimize gut health, which is essential for digestive well-being, and also plays a key role in supporting various aspects of your overall health and wellness.

  • Prebiotics
  • Probiotics
  • Postbiotics

Prebiotics serve as nourishment for beneficial bacteria in the gut, supporting their growth and activity. They come from fiber in vegetables and polyphenols (plant nutrients that give fruits and vegetables their bright colors) found in foods like green tea, cranberry, pomegranate, grape seed, and more. 


Probiotics, on the other hand, are live microorganisms that contribute to a healthy gut microbiome by maintaining a diverse and balanced microbial environment. Pre and probiotics work synergistically to enhance digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune function.


Postbiotics are the metabolic byproducts of probiotics as a result of the fermentation of undigested fiber, resistant starches and polyphenols in your gut. They contribute to the overall balance and resilience of the gut microbiome, influencing factors such as inflammation and immune response at healthy levels.

Do I have to refrigerate Essential Probiotics?

Nope! We’ve carefully selected potent probiotic ingredients that are shelf-stable at room temperature, then delivered them to you in a bottle that has been designed with improved stability in mind. This bottle features an internal moisture-barrier sleeve that provides 360 degrees of moisture protection to keep the capsules fresh. What does this mean for you? No internal moisture sachet, no refrigeration required, and a bottle that is shelf-stable at room temperature. It’s the easiest complete probiotic you’ll ever use.

Quality First
For best results

As a dietary supplement, take two capsules daily.

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