Self-Care Isn't Selfish: A Letter to Our Vita-Fam from Vitauthority's Marketing Communications Manager

Self-Care Isn't Selfish: A Letter to Our Vita Fam

Hey Vita-Fam!

My name is Caitlin, I’m the Marketing Communications Manager for Vitauthority and I manage a lot of the written content you see on our website! I’ve worked with Vitauthority for nearly three years now, and the experience here has been nothing short of life-changing. While yes, the work environment is amazing and my co-workers are a blast, being part of a growing revolution in self-care and wellness has been as good for me as it has been for all the thousands of customers we help every single day. 

Vitauthority Marketing Communications Manager Caitlin

I'm an active person.

I’ve ridden horses since I was 4 years old, I enjoy hiking and exploring, and up until recently I took my corgi Hobbes with me anywhere he was permitted to go (he passed in November at 13 years old - miss you, little bud 💔).

I was raised to care for my pets before myself and understood the importance of ensuring their needs were met. For years I've known that to keep them happy and healthy they sometimes required a little extra care and maintenance on top of the usual good diet, exercise, and general TLC.

Supplements have always been a large part of horse husbandry and, in the last decade or so, is becoming a larger part of the average cat and dog’s life, too.


So I’ll be the first to admit I spent more money on these sorts of things for my four-legged companions than I ever did on myself. Me? Bare minimum. Try to eat healthy, stay active, find happiness in things that I love. Supplements? Nah. I’m fine.

Then, inexplicably, I wasn't fine.

This happened in my 20s when I took a very bad fall off a young pony while training it to jump. The years from there landed me with recurrent, acute sciatica. If you’ve never had it, consider yourself lucky. Sciatica is nerve pain that starts in the hips and can travel down your entire leg and side, making normal, everyday movement terribly painful. Even just walking and sitting or standing - I felt like I was 80 and I was relying solely on pain killers for relief. Physical Therapy, exercises, and stretching helped, of course, but I could only target specific things and the relief they granted was minimal at best. This pain cascaded into a whole host of other issues with my joints, digestion, fitness and strength. My overall wellness had taken a dive and my body desperately needed extra support to dig itself out of the hole. 

Landing my position at Vitauthority back in 2021 was the wake-up call I needed about the necessity of a good health supplement to support my body and lifestyle.

In the first three months of working with the brand, I learned a lot about the supplement industry. Like most things, you have some bad eggs out there with misleading information, poor quality products, and heinous marketing tactics just trying to make a buck. Then you have companies like this one who are actually, really and truly in it for the big picture: making quality, clean, effective health and wellness supplements accessible for everyone. I learned that sometimes your body really can’t get everything it needs to run optimally just from a healthy diet and exercise. There are times and situations where the proper supplementation can help you overcome certain struggles and bring relief. You can bet I was still a little skeptical, but I’m also of the firm belief of how do you know it won’t work or help until you try it?

Attainable health & wellness with the help of the right supplements.

In the 2+ years I’ve worked here, I’ve tried nearly everything Vitauthority has to offer and I can tell you with absolute honesty that many of the products have provided me an avenue to comfort and health I didn't think was possible. Here’s a little breakdown of just a few of my personal favorite products that I have used, consistently, for over a year and have seen amazing results with. If you're curious to try them for yourself, read to the end for a 25% OFF discount code.

Multi Collagen Protein+

Hands down, the Multi Collagen has helped my joints like nothing else. After about 2 months of taking a scoop of Multi Collagen Protein+ daily, I had begun to notice that my hips, knees, and back were no longer experiencing the chronic aches and pains I woke up with on the daily. After about 6 months of consistent use, I stopped having sciatica flare ups because my body was more capable of handling the activity and exercise I needed to maintain in order to keep myself limber (desk jobs are horrible for your bodies, ladies, so make sure you’re getting movement in!). Two years into using the Multi Collagen, at 38 years of age, I can say with confidence that I’m more physically capable now than I was in my teens and 20s.


Detox Nourish

A godsend for my poor, ailing digestive system. I’m lactose intolerant and discovered this back in my late teens. While I’ve been pretty diligent about finding lactose alternatives, I also tend to be a lover of all things cheese and good, gourmet ice cream. Having Detox Nourish in my life was like having a safety net for when all manner of self preservation for my gut flew out the window when faced with a charcuterie board at a girl friend’s party. 

Not only did adding Nourish into my life give me a happier belly that complained far less about my indulgences, but it helped me become more regular which is something I’ve struggled with for most of my adult life.


Stasis Hormone Support

Literally my go-to. My ride or die. My never-gonna-stop-taking-it-so-long-as-it's-available-to-buy life saver. Stasis has helped clear my skin, regulate my cycles, relieve my PMS symptoms (indomitable hunger, cramps, bloating, mood swings HELLO) and I even sleep better with it. 

While it did take about 3 months of consistent use to really start feeling and seeing those differences, it was well worth the wait for me. I stopped taking it late last year when I got COVID and in just a month of being off Stasis, I was experiencing cystic acne, savage period cramps, uncontrollable mood swings, bloating to the point that I thought I might pop… I got back on it and I’ll never do that to myself again. 


Many young women look at Stasis and think it’s not for them because they haven’t yet leveled up to the perimenopausal stage of their life, but let me tell you that line of thinking is doing you no favors, Queen 👑. I’ve become a bit obsessed with Stasis since I started taking it a year and a half ago and I will sing its praises to every woman who will listen. If you’re suffering from symptoms of PMS, PMDD, PCOS, perimenopause, or menopause - Stasis is for you.

Health from the inside out is just the start.

These are just my Top Three Vita-Faves, though I’ve tried and regularly use several others! It would take a whole other blog to spill the beans on why I love all of them as well, but I’m rambling and have a meeting to get to where we’re sorting out some exciting new product launches (Hint: calming, joint care, and more gut health - oh my!).

So in these last few minutes as I quickly finish this blog and scramble to find my notes while sending heart icons in our company slack chat for some amazing new content posted by our team, I just want to reiterate that lovely little tagline we hear and see all over social media now: 

"Self-care isn't selfish."

- Someone Really Smart 💅

Seriously ladies. Behind every great family (and man, and project, and friend group, and and and…) is usually an even greater woman holding it all together. If you don’t take care of yourself, who’s going to rein in the drama between the girlfriends or take care of all the things that need doing, or get this, or do that, or finish this, or support that? We have a lot riding on our shoulders and helping our shoulders (and our bodies, minds, and spirits) be as strong and healthy as they can be should always come first.

So take a little extra care and love yourself with the same dedication you would your beloved friends, family, hobbies, and pets. Not just because you need it, but because you deserve it

Supporting your health from the inside out is the first step to so many good things. Use my code CAITSELFCARE for 25% OFF your order through the end of February.

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