Vitauthority Gut Health Supplements Blog: Detox Nourish vs Fiber Fix

Gut Health Supplements: Detox Nourish vs Fiber Fix

One of the most complex and confusing aspects of health sits right at the center of many people’s goals and challenges: the gut. It’s no surprise there are so MANY products on the market for gut and digestive health, because like anything else there are multiple facets to achieving a happy, healthy gut. Detox Nourish has stood as one of our most popular digestive aids within our line up for several years, and now with the release of our new Fiber Fix product we’ve had lots of people asking the same questions: what’s the difference and which one is better for me?

Vitauthority Detox Nourish and Fiber Fix digestive aid and gut health supplements

Detox Nourish and Fiber Fix are both products catered toward supporting gut health and digestion, but they come at it from two VERY different angles. Today we’ll explain the key differences between the two, and some specific scenarios and health goals we feel each product would be best suited for!

What’s the difference between Detox Nourish and Fiber Fix?


Detox Nourish provides a powerful combination of digestive enzymes, essential vitamins, and minerals to aid the gut in breaking down your food as well as boosting the efficiency of how your body absorbs and uses those nutrients. It also assists in supporting the body's natural detoxification cycles. Detox Nourish helps with bloating, cravings, regularity, metabolism, and natural energy levels using the following ingredients:


Choline is a water soluble nutrient that plays a critical role in normal liver function, brain development, muscle movement, and maintaining an optimized metabolism. Choline’s main benefit in the body occurs during cellular methylation, which is used for detoxification.


Inositol helps with detoxing and cleansing the liver by removing excess ammonia and other harmful buildup that the liver helps metabolize and remove from the bloodstream. Together, choline and inositol help clear the “logjam” of fat build up in the liver, which can help you bust through that fat loss plateau, and make the process of actually burning stored fat more efficiently.


Carnitine works synergistically with choline and inositol to increase fat burning. While choline and inositol help the liver churn through fat, carnitine takes those new found fatty acids and helps them to get utilized faster, allowing for an increase rate of fat burning.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV's purpose in Detox Nourish is its ability to support weight loss through helping the body to: maintain healthy blood sugar levels; assisting with appetite control; and supporting insulin sensitivity.

4 Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes primarily have one role in the body: to act as catalysts in speeding up specific chemical reactions. Their purpose in Detox Nourish is their ability to help break down larger nutrient molecules into more easily absorbed particles that the body can use more efficiently. It goes without saying, improving absorption of what you eat plays an important role in digestive health! Detox Nourish contains four digestive enzymes to help your body better breakdown the protein, fats, and carbs you eat on a daily basis: Protease, Amylase, Lipase, and Bromelain.

Detox Nourish is available in powder form and comes in 3 delicious flavors: Orange Pineapple, Watermelon, and Pink Lemonade.

Fiber Fix

Fiber Fix provides your gut with a clinically studied combination of soluble and insoluble fibers that are both gentle but effective in helping to keep things moving so you never feel weighed down. It also helps to nourish your gut's microbiome by providing prebiotics for building a thriving environment that leads to optimal gut health. This improves regularity, helps stave off bloating and constipation, and helps you reach your weight goals.

Fibriss® Organic Baobab

Fibriss® contains soluble fiber which acts as a prebiotic,insoluble fiber which helps with regularity, and polyphenols which act as prebiotics for optimal gut health.

Prebiotic Fibriss® Resistant Pea Starch

A powerful prebiotic, resistant pea starch helps promote regularity and overall healthier gut.

Fibersol®2 Soluble Corn Fiber

Not only does soluble corn fiber help promote regularity, italso supports healthy sugar levels. This is one of the most studied forms of fiber on the market.

NO Laxatives, NO Psyllium Husk

Most companies just use psyllium husk. Guess why? It’s cheap…. super cheap. And to be frank, we don’t think it’s the best ingredient on its own to help you stay regular. Psyllium husk unfortunately does not contain any resistant starches or insoluble fiber, which really just makes it good for one thing only: pooping. We believe in fostering a healthier, happier environment within your gut that allows it to do its job better without any urgency or discomfort.

Fiber Fix is available in powder form with a Crisp Apple flavor or (you asked and we listened!) NEW Unflavored variety to add into your favorite flavored beverages.

Which product is best for me?

Both products in their own way help with bloating, cravings, regularity, metabolism, and natural energy levels by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of how your gut works while also supporting a happy, healthy gut.

Fiber Fix is for you if your primary issues are…

  • Chronic bloating and gas build-up no matter what you’ve eaten
  • Strained, prolonged, or painful “going” is normal
  • You’re “going” is often urgent, unexpected, and interferes with your daily life
  • You’re not “going” enough and experience constipation
  • You have “toilet shyness” when traveling or staying in new places
  • You’re regular but often have the “feels like a rock in my gut”
A woman standing in her bathroom with a candid smile holding a canister of Fiber Fix

Detox Nourish is for you if your primary issues are…

  • Stomach cramping or pains after eating certain types of foods
  • Lack of energy even when you eat well and get plenty of sleep
  • Lack of weight loss even when you’re dieting and exercising
  • Experience excess water-weight or bloating
  • Struggle with cravings and appetite even when you’ve just eaten
  • “Going” is easy but you struggle with regularity
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You might have noticed there’s a bit of crossover there! 

Indeed, both Fiber Fix and Detox Nourish can address many of the same issues and some people may find all the relief they need taking just one or the other. There are instances where taking both could greatly help and YES, you can combine the two into your routine:

  • If you are on a weight loss journey but continue to hit plateaus

  • If you eat well but you struggle with a chronically bloated stomach

  • If you have never experienced that “light as air” feeling after going #2 (you could be backed up more than you think!)

  • If you struggle with excess water retention, gastrointestinal upset, and out of control cravings/appetite on the regular

Your gut is the start of many things. From your immune system to your metabolism, ensuring yours is in good health and working optimally is the best place to start on any health journey!

What is the best way to use Detox Nourish and Fiber Fix?

While these products provide similar benefits, they work in different ways and therefore require slightly different means of implementation into your routine. Detox Nourish acts as a primer for your gut to set it up to digest and use your food effectively so it should be taken before your meals, or with them. Fiber Fix acts as a daily source of fiber that works best when taken after meals to promote regularity. 

The most important thing to remember is to take them consistently, every day, for at least 30 days in order to see their benefits.

Detox Nourish:

  • 1 scoop

  • Up to 30 minutes BEFORE or WITH your meal

  • Up to twice a day

  • Every day

Fiber Fix:

  • 1 scoop

  • Following a meal is best, but can be taken any time

  • Up to twice a day

  • Every day

Both Fiber Fix and Detox Nourish can be combined with our other popular powdered products like Multi Collagen Burn, Lean Greens, Plant Based Collagen Booster, Revive, and even Melt. Just remember your timing from above and be sure to double your liquid amounts to account for the additional powder.

Uncertain how to fit them into your routine? Reach out to our Customer Service team to get a personalized recommendation for your supplement schedule!

Or call:

Mon-Fri 9am-8pm EST, Sat-Sun 11am-6pm EST


How soon can I expect to see benefits and results?

This will very much depend on your lifestyle and diet! Most customers report feeling the benefits of relief from Detox Nourish and Fiber Fix within just a few days of beginning to use them! Some have even reported immediate benefits of lessened bloat and an overall happier tummy after meals. 

In general, we recommend using either product for a minimum of 30 days, consistently, to give them ample time to bolster your gut health and regulate your "going."

What kind of results have other people seen from using these products?

The Detox Nourish reviews and Fiber Fix reviews speak for themselves! Here are just a few of the hundreds of reviews posted on these products both on our website and on Amazon. 

Detox Nourish Reviews

Detox Nourish review from a real Vitauthority customer
Detox Nourish review from a real Vitauthority customer
Detox Nourish review from a real Vitauthority customer
Detox Nourish review from a real Vitauthority customer on Amazon
Detox Nourish review from a real Vitauthority customer on Amazon

Fiber Fix Reviews

Fiber Fix review from a real Vitauthority customer
Fiber Fix review from a real Vitauthority customer on Amazon
Fiber Fix review from a real Vitauthority customer on Amazon
Fiber Fix review from a real Vitauthority customer on Amazon
Fiber Fix review from a real Vitauthority customer on Amazon
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