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Why Work With Us?

Nationally Enforced Pricing

Vitauthority strictly enforces Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP Pricing). This means customers won’t be able to find cheaper prices from brick & mortar retail stores or from online websites. What’s this mean? Every retailer is required to adhere to the same MAP pricing, ensuring profitability and integrity for both sides of the relationship.


It’s apart of our slogan for a reason: We absolutely Set The Standard when it comes to crafting high-quality dietary supplements and nutritional products. We will NEVER sacrifice quality. We will NEVER release a half-finished, poor quality product for the sake of quick success.

Multi Collagen is manufactured in FDA Registered Facilities and follow strict cGMP Guidelines. Not only that, every lot of product is tested to ensure there are no heavy metals, bacteria or contaminants as well.

24/7 Customer Service and An Experienced Sales Team

Our sales staff is available 24/7 and have experience working with businesses to help them grow. They are professional, courteous, prompt, and most importantly: honest.

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