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15% Off & Free Shipping On All Collagen! Code "COLLAGEN"
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Berberine +

  • Supports Healthy Blood Sugar†
  • High Absorption Berberine†
  • 30 Day Supply†
  • Includes Ceylon Cinnamon†
60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

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The Best Glucose Support Ingredient Just Got Better

Berberine+ taps into the power of GlucoVantage® Dihydroberberine to deliver up to 5x the bioactive benefits of ordinary berberine.†

Berberine is known as a powerful AMPk activator and insulin sensitizer - but why should you care?

Insulin sensitivity is a critical component in how well our body uses nutrients and glucose. If one has high insulin sensitivity, then the cells cooperate extremely well and only need a small amount of insulin to effectively lower blood glucose levels. In this case, we hope the blood sugar is directed towards muscle.

But if you have low insulin sensitivity, or you are insulin resistant, the body must produce a lot of insulin. And when it does so, it enters a state of elevated insulin levels. Called hyperinsulinemia, this bodily state has been linked to a mess of undesirable things, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.†

One of the most promising compounds that’s been used to increase insulin sensitivity is berberine and research is showing that dihydroberderine is a superior form of berberine.†

In 2015, scientists compared dihydroberberine to berberine, at doses that would amount to an equivalent final product. They found that the intestinal absorption rate of dihydroberberine was five times higher than berberine.†

Benefits of Berberine

Support Healthy Blood Glucose Levels

GlucoVantage® Dihydroberberine is an awesome ingredient that has been shown in research to help support blood sugars levels in the healthy range. This may lead to improvements in health markers such as cholesterol and triglycerides.†

Weight Loss Support

When blood sugars levels are in a healthier range, individuals notice that weight loss is easier to achieve.†

Reduce Fat Gain

Having control over your blood sugar helps drive nutrients into muscle glycogen rather than “storage” (body fat).†

Inflammation Support

Traditional Chinese Medicine used berberine to help support healthy inflammation levels. †

Cinnamon for Extra Support

Berberine+ also utilizes ceylon cinnamon for the healthiest results. Cassia cinnamon can be harmful because of the coumarin content. At the end of the day, Ceylon cinnamon is better quality and much safer.

Cinnamon has also been shown to help support healthy blood sugar levels and help support healthy levels of inflammation.†,

How to Take
1 Capsule
With A Meal
Twice Daily
Afraid you won’t love it?

We’ll refund your money even if you send us back an empty container!

Order now with confidence! If for any reason you don’t think Berberine is for you, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. So if you don’t love it, you can get your money back.